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about us

sten van slycke

as an architectural photographer, i portray buildings. because of my background as an architect, i look at buildings in a very specific way, trying to reveal their character. i always find myself attracted to the tension between lines, structures, perspectives, and the alternation between stillness and movement. in fact, it is more than simply looking at architecture; only the actual seeing and feeling of a building results into a fascinating picture.

in addition, i love natural light, strong and soft contrasts, reflection, and the light in and around buildings on different times of the day. many of my photographs are preferably executed in black and white photography.

besides architectural photography, i also focus on fashion and male models. my images emphasize the expression, the intimate and the pureness of the model, rather than the clothes or surroundings. i like to combine models with architecture and the accompanying light effects. my fashion photography is therefore perfect for creating atmosphere and product branding.

for whom?

are you looking for an architectural photographer to portray your firm or your work as a construction company? are you an architect or interior designer who needs help with putting together a strong (online) portfolio? or are you a real estate agent or owner in need of impressive images of your properties for sale?

does your brand need expanding through model photography? or are you looking for a personal photo shoot at an architectural location?

then contact me. during a short intake, we can determine the purpose and use of your photographs and plan to capture your company, products or achievements in a perfect way.